Kevin Feeney

Kevin is the CEO of DataChemist, a company based in Dublin Ireland that aims to empower enterprises with remarkable new insights from existing data and increase business process productivity.


Kevin previously worked in Trinity College Dublin’s School of Computer Science, and led the international ALIGNED and Seshat research programs, which applied artificial intelligence to imposing order on vast, complex data sets and, in doing so, helped establish new connections, relationships and insights across vast swathes of human knowledge.


Kevin holds a PhD and BA degree in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin.

The future of graph query languages


In this talk, we present WOQL – the web object query language, a new semantic, model aware query language designed with recurrent patterns at it’s heart.


We will demonstrate the query language in action on the DataChemist platform, showing how its simple declarative form enables much greater power when it comes to extracting the patterns we are interested in from very large graphs.


Gavin Mendel Gleason, Data Chemist CTO is the inventor of WOQL.