Kanika Bhatia

Australia and New Zealand Bank

Head of Digital Content Strategy


Kanika heads digital content and strategy at ANZ bank and has been a customer-centric, digital-first advocate for good 17 years now. Being a certified digital practitioner, she leads agile teams on content strategy, content design, information architecture, user experience, digital trends, SEO, social media and customer journeys. She helps bridge the gap between business requirements and customer needs. She’s also been mentoring and coaching aspiring digital enthusiasts at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne Australia – helping them turn their dreams and passions into successful careers in the world of digital.

Talks and Events

Journey from SEO to CRO (From traffic to conversion)

We spend a lot of time to optimise our digital platforms, websites, apps to rank higher in Google and for customers to click our links and come to our website from search engines. And sometimes we feel our job is done when our websites rank higher than our competitors in Google (and other search engines) and there is a lot of quality traffic that enters our digital ecosystem. Yes, our job on SEO is done. But the bigger piece has only just started. How do we ensure that this quality traffic is converting? That they’re finding the right content, products or services that will meet their individual needs? That it’s easy for them to look for the right information? And that through that we as business are able to meet our goals: selling a product, having them apply for a service, make them do a task (e.g. subscribe to a newsletter), etc. Putting in the right strategies and principles to bridge this gap between SEO and CRO can help businesses save on their marketing dollars and cut short their marketing budgets that they spend to attract quality customers to their website.

Track: Metadata

Session Topics:

  • SEO
  • Metadata (Primary)
  • Business Use Cases
  • Natural Language Processing and Understanding
  • Content Management