Justin Zhen

Justin is a Co-Founder of Thinknum, a leading alternative data company specializing in web-crawled data. At Thinknum, Justin works with hundreds of investment firms, banks and corporations to develop innovative data sources which provide new insights into economic activity moving online. Prior to founding Thinknum, Justin worked at a quantitative hedge fund. He graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Financial Engineering. Justin is one of Business Insider’s 2019 Rising Stars on Wall Street. Justin is also a frequent contributor on CNBC.

2021 Talk: Building Data Products using a No-code Knowledge Graph Platform

The switch to decentralization in data management is finally happening as organizations struggle with a disconnect between data teams and domain knowledge. Once a new organizational structure around data domains is in place, the need for platforms for managing data products appears.
In this talk, we argue that knowledge technologies are best placed to be the technical layer for data products. Ontologies provide the flexibility and expressiveness to represent the complexities of domains. Knowledge graphs provide graph representation, query languages, and standard access APIs that are perfectly suited for cross-organizational data access. Last but not least knowledge graphs, being all about data integration, provide an efficient way to connect data inside and across domains through entity linking and shared vocabularies.
This talk will be followed by a short Demo of the Knowledge graph no-code platform, KgBase, by Justin Zhen