Julia Holze
DBpedia Assoc. / InfAI / Leipzig Un.
Julia is head of the Organizational Development of the DBpedia Association. She holds a M.A. degree in Media & Communication Science. She will be responsible for the community outreach, support the organization of this tutorial and spread news to the DBpedia Community.

2021 Workshops and Tutorials: The DBpedia Knowledge Graph Tech

During the course of the tutorial the participants will gain knowledge about:
  • the complete DBpedia Knowledge Graph lifecycle, i.e. from extraction and modelling to publishing and maintenance of DBpedia,
  • how to find information, access, query and work with the DBpedia KG
  • the DBpedia infrastructure - the Databus platform and services (Spotlight, archivo, etc)
  • how to replicate the DBpedia knowledge graph and infrastructure
  • how to use DBpedia in third-party applications and - how to contribute and improve the DBpedia knowledge graph.