Joshua Shinavier


Senior Staff Engineer


Joshua is a member of the graph team at LinkedIn, currently focused on computational knowledge graphs. A co-founder of Apache TinkerPop and holder of a Semantic Web PhD, Joshua has made a career of graph databases and knowledge representation. He is among those who think that we “think in graphs”, and feels that knowledge graphs work best as a natural extension of human cognition.

Talks and Events

Colossal, Compositional, Computational Knowledge Graphs at LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network, and the foundation of that network is a knowledge graph: the Economic Graph. In this presentation, we will explore the current state of graphs at LinkedIn, including graph serving and analytics, as well as our latest work on a common model for strongly-typed graph data, transformations, programs and APIs. Data at rest and data in motion, various schema and data languages, various graph and non-graph query languages, symbolic and subsymbolic representations are equally valid as inputs to and outputs of the graph. By placing singular importance on composability, we aim to remove all barriers to the flow of professional knowledge, making it a universal resource.

Track: Systems and Scale

Session Topics:

  • Knowledge graph construction
  • Virtual graphs
  • Graph data models
  • Interoperability graph data models
  • Interoperability