Johannes Frey


Research Assistant


Johannes is Research Assistant at the KILT Competence Center at the Institute for Applied Informatics. He is also a PhD student at Leipzig University working on research related to knowledge extraction, integration and fusion. Since 2015 he has been involved in the DBpedia project and he has contributed to the development of several DBpedia related technologies such as DBpedia FlexiFusion and DBpedia Archivo.

Talks and Events

2022 Tutorial: DBpedia Knowledge Graph Tech Tutorial 2.0

Over the last decade, DBpedia has become one of the most widely used knowledge graphs and one of the central interlinking hubs in the LOD cloud1. The ultimate goal of the DBpedia community project is to a) build a large-scale, multilingual knowledge graph by providing structured information extracted from Wikipedia, and to b) integrate and complement this knowledge with knowledge from other sources. 

Over the last few years, the DBpedia core team has significantly consolidated the knowledge and technology around DBpedia and introduced some novel technologies and concepts. These efforts have positively impacted the community around DBpedia, which has a constant growth. According to the bibliographic database Google Scholar, there are over 39,500 articles citing DBpedia; using DBpedia or developing technology for DBpedia. The ultimate goal of the tutorial is to provide an overview of the latest advancements in the DBpedia technology stack and the DBpedia KG lifecycle, together with detailed discussions on the regular DBpedia releases, the DBpedia infrastructure and services and concrete usage scenarios of the DBpedia knowledge graph and the technology behind it. 

This is the second edition of the DBpedia tutorial that is co-located with Knowledge Graph Conference 2022. The survey of our last tutorial at KGC’21 revealed that the audience was particularly interested in using DBpedia in industry use cases, demos as well as tools. As a consequence we decided to organize a new tutorial that is less focused on research driven topics and instead added more use-cases and practical examples which are demonstrated in hands-on live demo sessions. Additionally we show how to deploy the technology stack and services to be used on private / local infrastructure. 

The aim of this tutorial is, from a practical perspective, to explain in detail the DBpedia technology stack and its deployment on a customer infrastructure. The tutorial will also explain in detail the generation and release process of the DBpedia KG. In a real-world use case we will illustrate the use of the DBpedia KG and DBpedia technology stack in combination with proprietary data. Hands-on sessions will be organized to internalize the DBpedia technology stack with practice. The tutorial is planned as a 3 hours long event. 

2021 Tutorial: The DBpedia Knowledge Graph Tech

During the course of the tutorial the participants will gain knowledge about:

  • the complete DBpedia Knowledge Graph lifecycle, i.e. from extraction and modelling to publishing and maintenance of DBpedia,
  • how to find information, access, query and work with the DBpedia KG
  • the DBpedia infrastructure – the Databus platform and services (Spotlight, archivo, etc)
  • how to replicate the DBpedia knowledge graph and infrastructure
  • how to use DBpedia in third-party applications and – how to contribute and improve the DBpedia knowledge graph.