Joe Pindell

Mr. Pindell is a Managing Director on the Global Solution Management team which is responsible for the overall go to market of software solutions. While at Pitney Bowes, Joe has contributed his expertise as a Strategic Consultant, Solution Sales Director, a Director of Technical Projects as well as a Managing Consultant while working with clients in all vertical markets.


Prior to joining Pitney Bowes, Joe worked at Sprint where he was a technical architect and team lead responsible for several enterprise service-based applications. He holds a B.A. in Geography with a minor in Mathematics from DePauw University.


Intelligent Customer Service Using Knowledge Graphs

Consistently providing excellent customer service is a challenge for even the friendliest organizations. Customer service representatives (CSRs) use rigid decision-tree scripts, customer complaints match against available CSRs using a first available strategy rather than their expertise or knowledge of an issue, and organizations don’t automatically learn from their most effective complaint resolutions.


Our Intelligent Customer Handling solution (ICH) uses a knowledge graph (KG) to understand the Customer 360 space from analyzing call transcripts using natural language processing, incorporating expert feedback, and recommendation discovery for optimal resolutions. Our knowledge graph solution addresses the key challenges of customer turnover and churn through a better understanding of a customer complaint and can dynamically learn when to retrain a new knowledge graph from expert-driven feedback. In this session, we present how our novel solution: improves the customer experience, how a knowledge graph can model complaints and provide context for customer relationships, merges distinct domain schemas, and scales with its architecture in both design and engineering.