Jean Delahousse

Jean Delahousse SARL and Université Panthéon-Sorbonne



Jean is an experienced consultant and analyst with 20 years of experience in semantic web technologies, open linked data, management of controlled vocabularies and knowledge graphs. Jean was co-founder and CEO of the French company Mondeca, a pioneer in semantic web technologies. Jean participates in projects in different domains: legislation, health, culture, security, science, energy, to define information systems centered on data and knowledge, design ontologies, advise on the management and distribution of open data. His expertise covers the semantic web, knowledge engineering, management of taxonomies and knowledge graphs, automated knowledge acquisition.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Ontology Of Becoming

For philosophers as for computer sciences, ontologies are centered on a static representation of things and beings. Taking into account the evolution of resources has become a requirement, whether to describe the universe or the health parameters of a patient, the versions of a bill or the evolutions of an organization chart. In this presentation we will show the different solutions implemented in knowledge graphs to take into account the evolution of resources and the limits of core ontologies to stand as ontologies of becoming.

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