Harsha Gurulingappa

Merck Group

Head of Text Analytics


Dr. Harsha Gurulingappa is a part of Merck Data Office, Group Digital Innovation within Merck Group a leading science, and technology company in the area of Healthcare, Life Science, and Electronics businesses. He works as Head of Text Analytics responsible for driving the development and adoption of practices leveraging text analytics and natural language processing across organizational sectors. He did his Ph.D. in the area of biomedical text mining and has over a decade of dedicated experience in both research and production implementation of text analytics solutions for various business sectors.

Talks and Events

Unleash the Value of Unstructured Data – NLP Applications in Healthcare and Life Science

Significant portions of the data generated in enterprises are unstructured and text-based. This can span the entire product lifecycle, from early research to post-launch analysis. A major challenge for companies is managing these vast amounts of text data and extracting hidden and valuable information to gain actionable insights and make important business decisions. Thanks to recent advances in the field of natural language processing (NLP), this is now possible.

Track: NLP

Session Topics:

  • Natural Language Processing and Understanding