Hans Chalupsky


Project Leader


Hans Chalupsky is a Research Lead at USC’s Information Sciences Institute where he heads the Loom Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Group. His research focuses on the design, development and application of practical knowledge representation and reasoning systems. He is a principal architect and developer of the PowerLoom KRR system, which combines over ten years of DARPA-funded development and has been distributed to many sites worldwide. Dr. Chalupsky is also the principal architect of the KOJAK Link Discovery System whose Group Finder has been ranked first in several formal DARPA evaluations, and whose UNICORN system for anomaly detection in large knowledge graphs was awarded second place in the Open Task of the 2003 KDD Cup. His research interests include KRR systems, KGs, semantic interoperability and neuro-symbolic reasoning systems.

Talks and Events

2022 Tutorial: Knowledge Graph Toolkit

Our tutorial will be organized as follows. In the first half of the tutorial, we will introduce KGTK’s data format and the wide range of import, curation, transformation, analysis, and export commands, which can be flexibly chained into streaming pipelines through the command line. In the second half, we will show the utility of KGTK in several common and diverse KG use cases. This tutorial will introduce AI researchers and practitioners to effective tools for addressing a wide range of KG creation and exploitation use cases, and inform us on how to bring KGTK closer to its users. KGTK is publicly available under the MIT license.