Hamza Ishaq

Ellie Lou

Operating partner


I’m an operating partner to solo capitalist and prolific angel investor, Eddie Lou. Beyond diligence & deal flow, I work closely with early-stage founders at the company formation, pre-seed, and seed-stage to help them to find product-market-fit and raise their first institutional round of capital.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Leveraging Early Stage Venture Capital To Build KG Startups

Knowledge graphs have existed since the 1980s and despite more companies adopting knowledge graph technologies there is still relatively little understanding of knowledge graphs in the mainstream, particularly amongst investors. While there are more KG-driven startups being built today, there is still little conversation in the community around how they can attract early stage venture capital to help them build better, faster, and bigger. My presentation will focus on helping KG technologist understand what they need to present to investors/angels/VCs to attract investment and build the future.

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