Richard Loveday

Graph.Build (Data Lens Labs Limited)

Head of Product


I am a developer who has been working in the Semantic space for the last 7 years as a consultant helping companies to implement linked data solutions. I have now moved across from consulting to lead the product development for (for datalens labs limited)

Talks and Events


After 10+ years implementing knowledge graph solutions across many industries, we created graph.bulid, to greatly lower the time and cost of creating graph models, semantic or property, from any data. First we will demonstrate our highly configurable, highly available, cloud ready, horizotally scalable architectures, ready for any production workload. Then we demonstrate our ground breaking UI: * Design your target graph models visually * LPG or RDF * Target SPARQL, OPENCYPHER or GREMLIN * Source data from SQL, Kafka, JSON/XML/CSV + many more * One UI/UX, Multiple sources, multiple mappings, multiple users * Massive workloads

Track: Data Architecture

Session Topics:

  • Data Architecture