Franck Michel

University Côte d’Azur, CNRS, Inria

Research Engineer


Franck Michel is a CNRS research engineer, member of University Cote d’Azur and Inria’s Wimmics research team. His research relates to the representation of knowledge in the form of graphs using the Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies. He is involved in several projects aimed at exploiting these technologies in the fields of biodiversity, agronomy and life sciences. The common objective of all these initiatives is to allow the reuse and promotion of scientific data and literature, by publishing them on the web in compliance with the FAIR principles.

Talks and Events

Turn Your Web APIs into Just Another Piece of Your Knowledge Graph

Web APIs have become a de-facto standard to enable HTTP-based access to machine-processable data. In this talk, I will present the SPARQL micro-service architecture, a lightweight approach that bridges web APIs and RDF knowledge graphs by making it possible to enforce a uniform data model over multiple sources, while using SPARQL as a unique query language. I will illustrate how we apply these techniques in the biodiversity area where multiple data sources provide complementary yet often conflicting data, and how we can integrate in-house and public data sources in a seamless knowledge graph supporting our applications and enriching the users’ experience.

Track: Data Architecture

Session Topics:

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Management
  • Data Discoverability