Fernando Aguilar

Enterprise Knowledge LLC

Data Science Consultant


Fernando Aguilar is a Data Science Consultant in the data and information management division at Enterprise Knowledge. He builds categorical machine learning models for graph recommender systems and multi-sourced ETL pipelines to populate dashboard visualizations. His other work includes optimizing a leading data catalog solution by improving the metadata profile queries used to onboard client data resources over multiple client engagements and addressing data duplication and data quality issues by enabling a single self-service graph-powered enterprise data catalog.

Talks and Events

Content Recommendation Systems: When Do You Need a Graph?

Recommendation systems are at the heart of many products we use today, helping us discover new music, expand our wardrobes, and navigate the massive amounts of information on the Internet to answer our search queries. In a world where efficiency and accuracy is paramount, and processing power and availability of user data varies across industries, graph-powered engines and their ability to deliver continued performance at scale provide many advantages.

How are these recommendations determined? What conditions must exist in order to build a graph-based system that produces accurate, relevant results? What technologies are at play under the hood? Through the business use case of a leading national learning management system (LMS) in the healthcare industry, this presentation will answer these questions by providing an overview of the problem statement and the solution architecture, including technical dives into NLP taxonomy enrichment, knowledge graph development, and recommender logic.

Track: Ontologies, Taxonomies and Data Modeling

Session Topics:

  • Business Use Case
  • Natural Language Processing and Understanding
  • Graph Data Science
  • Graph Machine Learning
  • Content Knowledge Graphs
  • Taxonomies
  • Domain: Healthcare and Life Sciences