Emily Wyatt

Uncharted Software Inc.

Director, Global Resilience Initiatives


Emily Wyatt has over 18 years of experience on human trafficking and related vulnerabilities, most recent in the technology sector. Her experience working social issues across sectors has focused on strengthening public justice and health systems and leveraging technology to better serve groups at-risk for trafficking and forced labor. She currently advises a broad set of stakeholders – including public prosecutors, law enforcement, non-profit organizations, business leaders, and government partners – on the landscape of human trafficking online and in the field.

Talks and Events

Telling the Story of TellFinder: How We Harness Knowledge Graphs, AI and Deep Web Search to Combat Human Trafficking

TellFinder is a counter human trafficking application with origins in a DARPA R&D project that is nearing 10 years of active deployment with various agencies. Based on a knowledge graph-like structure extracted from enriched adult service ads, we have learned from numerous unique challenges over the life of this application, its users and the technology and want to share our business successes and challenges.

Track: Environmental, Social and Governance

Session Topics:

  • Data discoverability
  • Data de-obfuscation
  • Data Quality
  • Natural Language Processing and Understanding
  • Deep Learning for and with Knowledge Graphs
  • Graph Machine Learning
  • Content Knowledge Graphs