Dr Peter J. Lawrence


Managing Director


I am a passionate, innovative, and strategic CTO with a reputation for success in applying automation, software, and information technology to create (not just talk about, really develop and deliver) transformational solutions to technical challenges, particularly in the process manufacturing industries.
As principal of Inova8, I help customers provide answers for users’ information questions – even the ones they had not thought of. See the various projects that I have been involved with below.

Prior to that I had been working at Matrikon, which was acquired by Honeywell, as a Chief Technology Officer where I was responsible for leading all software and information technology developments throughout Matrikon, involving 90+ developers and technologists.
While I was there I transformed the software platform from an expensive-to-maintain legacy system to a ‘lean’ system focusing on added-value and utilizing third-party technology where possible. I also transformed the development processes from traditional but inefficient waterfall development to agile methodology.

My strengths include the ability to create a path through the technological challenges needed to achieve corporate or customer objectives, and overseeing the subsequent execution of this plan.

An example of how I use my strengths was the creation of the Matrikon (now Honeywell) Intuition product which is a completely new platform (portal, data visualization, integrated workflow, data management, and connectivity to legacy systems) for delivering all of Matrikon’s applications, replacing difficult-to-maintain systems but using a code base of less than 20% of the original, even though it has significantly more functionality.
Before that, as President and founder of Resolution Integration Solutions, I led the creation of Resolution, an innovative database model application for the process manufacturing industries. Other positions I have held included Director of Technology at Morrison Knudsen, Vice President at KBC Advanced Technology, Technical Director and founder of KBC Process Automation, and a founder of Process Automation and Computer Systems Ltd.

Talks and Events

2022 Tutorial: Knowledge Graph Primer: Creating a digital twin model

A series of tutorials designed to introduce the use of knowledge graphs to an industrial environment (process, manufacturing industries; construction etc.) to technical users with some database experience but not necessarily experience of the use of graphs.Throughout the tutorials, there is an example ‘thread’ of building models of process plants and equipment with the objective of creating a fit-for-purpose ‘digital twin’ model. This thread culminates with a ‘recipe’ for building fit-for-purpose digital twin models, particularly in the manufacturing and equipment domains.