Dr. Mirko Kämpf

ecolytiq GmbH

CTO and Chief Architect


Mirko is a Co-Founder of ecolytiq GmbH which aims on supporting bank customers to reach a sustainable lifestyle. Managing research data and channeling the right information to a public audience via financial institutions is an essential element of this work. In order to achieve this, the ecolytiq team develops and works with an open knowledge graph which represents the current state of CO2 emission research. Mirko’s focus in the intersection of active research and system building. He manages the architecture and implementation of the SaaS solution they offer.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Recycle Rather Than Mine – Structural Graph Analysis With Property Graphs Built On Existing RDF-Graphs

Researchers and business have and are meticulously transferring structured data about specific domains into domain specific semantic graphs using domain specific ontologies. The standard is RDF. With this standard we are capable to extract more meaningful relations on such graphs. But structural and in-graph analysis (ML/AI) remains tedious and resource intensive. Property graphs enable us to do such analysis. But we cannot simply load domain specific data structures into it. Instead, we have to model the graph schema appropriately. Our work is focused on bridging this gap and using the advantages of both graph tools by integrating existing RDF stores from any domain to build the right subgraphs for analysis in a property graph. This allows us scientific graph analysis and understand the dynamics of complex systems such as customer relations, traffic conditions, or brain activity. The RDF store can serve with its unified data integration model and has the capability of semantic reasoning. TigerGraph as scalable graph database and analytics platform provides the capability for large scale graph processing on multi-layer networks. We enable researchers and businesses to integrate data from various sources into a managed property graph.

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