Dr. Maya Natarajan

Knowledge Graph & Graph Analytics Evangelist


Maya is passionate about bringing different technologies together to solve complex problems and is championing the use of knowledge graphs to bring context to various systems. She has positioned technologies from Blockchain to Predictive & User-Based Analytics to Machine Learning to Deep Learning to Search to BPM and beyond in a myriad of industries including Life Sciences, Financial Services, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, etc at various small and large companies. Maya holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Rice University, Houston. She started her career in the biotechnology area where she was in R&D focusing on cardiovascular drugs, and she has five patents to her name.

Talks and Events

Knowledge Graphs for Contextual AI

Companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) applications for decision-making today. However, due to lack of context, AI systems have not yet achieved their full potential as reliable solutions for complex problems. Enter knowledge graphs – the modern way to capture relationships and convey their meaning. Knowledge graphs drive intelligence into the data itself and give AI the context to be more explainable, accurate, and repeatable.

Track: Business Use-Cases

Session Topics:

  • Business Use Cases
  • Graph Data Science