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Dennis Diefenbach is a PhD researcher and entrepreneur in the area of Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs. He did his PhD under a Marie Skłodowska-Curie action, Europe’s most competitive and prestigious research and innovation fellowship. He worked for IBM and SAP. Dennis Diefenbach published over 20 publications in the area of QA over Knowledge Graphs in renowned Conferences and Journals like the International Semantic Web Conference and the Semantic Web Journal. He is leading The QA Company that is maintaining QAnswer, the first AI driven platform to query Knowledge Graphs in natural language. Currently his main goal is to bring these exciting technologies to industry!

Talks and Events

The EU Knowledge Graph

The EU Knowledge Graph at the European Commission

The European Commission is maintaining a Knowledge Graph using Wikibase, the same software that is running behind Wikidata (one of the most successful public Knowledge Graphs). In this talk we describe:
– the content of the EU Knowledge Graph
– why and how it is reusing Wikibase and software that is integrated with it (like OpenRefine)
– how data is ingested and maintained fresh
– what services are served over this Knowledge Graph

It is generally difficult to see a production Knowledge Graph. In this talk we will show you its main components and describe how it is operated behind the scene.

This presentation will be given together with Max De Wilde, information architect at DG CNECT, European Commission.

Track: Data Architecture

Session Topics:

  • Content Knowledge Graphs
  • Data Architecture
  • Business Use Cases
  • Information Architecture
  • Open Knowledge Networks
  • Wikibase