Denise Gosnell

Dr. Denise Gosnell’s passion for examining, applying, and evangelizing the applications of graph data was ignited during her apprenticeship under Dr. Teresa Haynes and Dr. Debra Knisley during her first NSF Fellowship. This group’s work was one of the earliest applications of neural networks and graph theoretic structure in predictive computational biology. Since then, Dr. Gosnell has built, published, patented, and has spoken on dozens of topics related to graph theory, graph algorithms, graph databases, and applications of graph data across all industry verticals. Currently, Dr. Gosnell is with DataStax where she aspires to build upon her experiences as a data scientist and graph architect. Prior to her role with DataStax, she built software solutions for and spoke at over a dozen conferences on permissioned blockchains, machine learning applications of graph analytics, and data science within the healthcare industry.

2021 Event: AMA with the Authors of The Practitioner’s Guide to Graph Data

Got a question about graphs?
Come ask in this session! Denise Gosnell and Matthias Broecheler recently published a book about graphs and are taking your questions. Combined, they have over 25 years of experience working with graph technologies spanning the full stack. Come with your questions and stay for the lively conversation!