Denis Streitmatter

Denis Streitmatter is a research assistant at the KILT/AKSW research group and the Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI). He has been studying computer science at Leipzig University since 2016. Additionally, he has been working on DBpedia-related projects for a few years and was involved in the design and implementation of the DBpedia REST API and currently DBpedia Archivo.

2021 Tutorial: The DBpedia Knowledge Graph Tech Tutorial

During the course of the tutorial the participants will gain knowledge about:
– the complete DBpedia Knowledge Graph lifecycle, i.e. from extraction and modeling to publishing and maintenance of DBpedia,
– how to find information, access, query and work with the DBpedia KG,
– the DBpedia infrastructure – the Databus platform and services (Spotlight, archivo,
– how to replicate the DBpedia knowledge graph and infrastructure,
– how to use DBpedia in third-party applications and
– how to contribute and improve the DBpedia knowledge graph.

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