Dean Allemang

Dean is an Ontologies at EDM Council. He Assists EDM Council in the development of the Financial Industry Business Ontology.

He has 20 years of research and deployment of semantic solutions, including expert systems, knowledge management systems, rule-base systems.

He has been interested for most of his career in how knowledge can be formalized and used to improve how people do their work. Nowadays, this is being manifest in Semantic Web solutions, combining the power of the World Wide Web and knowledge representation technologies to help communities improve how they manage knowledge.

Dean is a Marshall Scholar receiving Masters Degree in Pure Mathematics at University Cambridge in UK. He received his PhD in Artifical Intelligence from Ohio State University.


Comparing Knowledge Graph applications across industries

General knowledge graphs have been in use by large search engines for a few years now, raising the
expectation of information consumers about what is possible. We now assume that anything in our
calendar will appear on a map, and that the map will link to a website with information about the
business at that site, etc. But in the enterprise, our data needs are much more intense than in
our everyday life. Knowledge Graphs have begun to be deployed in various industries, to bring together
all of the data in an enterprise so that every knowledge worker has easy and intuitive access to
all the information related to their job performance. To a large extent, knowledge graph efforts
have been focused on particular industries, centering around specific use cases and specific
knowledge formats (ontologies, schema, datasets), making it difficult to transfer competence in
managing knowledge graphs from one industry to another. While there is good reason for this
separation, there is also considerable commonality between industries. This commonality paves the
way for an effort to share models, infrastructure, technology and know-how from one industry to
In this paper, I use examples from Pharmaceuticals, Finance and Media to show the commonality and variation in
industries, and propose a platform that can be useful across industries.