Daniel Kornev

Deep Pavlov

Chief Product Officer


As said in one famous EDS commercial, I love to not just build things but to build dreams. When I come to a place that doesn’t yet exist, or already exists, I see myriads of opportunities to build something that never existed before.

It can be a place of nothing, a small R&D lab, or a small startup, or a team in the larger organization. Everywhere, I see opportunities to build things, and an entire supporting organization, find new friends and establish partnerships with them, propose win-win solutions, drive them, and make dreams happen.

From a technology standpoint, I am deeply passionate about AI (AGI), human-computer interaction, cognitive computing, and space exploration. Things I’ve worked on include but not are limited to: spatial computing & personal knowledge graphs (2012-2016), extracting useful information from user emails (2017-2018), news & social media graphs (2019-2020), or cutting edge Conversational AI (2018-present).

I’m super passionate about working on very complex problems, e.g. building a socialbot for Amazon Alexa Prize or cracking a new discourse-driven dialogue strategy management tech for AI assistants.

I have experience in founding new ventures, fund raising, and being a mentor of SaaS startups.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Building Knowledge Graph-infused AI Assistants With DeepPavlov Dream

One of the big problems in building AI assistants today is the need to ground on the worldwide knowledge. Be that a Factoid QA, an open-domain chit-chat on a given subject, these experiences are incredibly hard to build without a reliance on the KGs. DeepPavlov Dream is the first open-source academia-built multi-skill AI assistant platform that uses KGs in its skills and in shared memory of the system and winner of the Amazon Alexa Prize. In this talk you will learn how we’ve integrated KGs into our AI Assistant platform, and how you can leverage it in building your own KG-infused AI assistants today.