Chris Brockmann




Chris is founder and CEO of the eccenca GmbH as well as the IT management consultancy brox IT-Solutions GmbH. He is adviser to the president of the APICS Supply Chain Council and the APICS Digitalization Task Force as well as head of the APICS Readiness Task Force. Chris holds a BA from the University of Göttingen and an MBA from Wake Forrest University Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Before starting brox IT-Solutions GmbH in 1998, he served as Senior Sales Manager at ERP provider Baan Solution Center Automotive. With brox he developed the brox Data Management Centre – an SAP certified data quality management tool used by organizations like BOSCH, Continental, ZF and MAN. He also initiated the Eclipse project “SMILA” and served as a director in the board of the Eclipse Foundation.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Smart Process Automation With eccenca Cloud

Robotic Process Automation [RPA] is commoditizing the simplest of processes in the enterprise. Leading organizations are looking beyond commodity and turn to knowledge graphs, scaling digitized knowledge, machine learning and AI to tackle harder and harder automation challenges. This presentation is on why they are looking for Smart and Cognitive Process automation [SPA/CPA], how they are trying to get there and the outcomes we are seeing.

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