Bryon Jacob

Bryon is the CTO and co-founder of – on a mission to build the world’s most meaningful, collaborative, and abundant data resource. Bryon is a recognized leader in building large-scale consumer internet systems and an expert in data integration solutions.

Bryon’s twenty years of academic and professional experience spans AI research at Case Western Reserve University, enterprise software at Trilogy, and consumer web experience at Amazon and most recently in ten years building At HomeAway, Bryon oversaw platform development and the integration of thirty acquisitions while building the world’s largest online marketplace for vacation rentals.

2020 Talk: A Data Catalog should be your organization’s first Knowledge Graph

In this presentation, we’ll cover why a data catalog is the first knowledge graph that an organization should build. Most organizations don’t have a clear picture of their data assets and how they’re being used – a data datalog helps provide that picture and unlock the value of data. We’ll explore why a data catalog is a knowledge graph, and how a data catalog can be used as a foundational asset to build more granular domain and application knowledge graphs.

View the complete talk in the KGC media library.


2019 Talk: Want Agile Data Management? Sneak in Knowledge Graphs!

Knowledge graphs are a powerful tool for integrating and making sense of data – but the current state of most organizations is addressing more basic issues of data cataloging and governance. We’ll discuss how our customers Deloitte, Mirum, and the Associated Press are using graphs (often without really knowing it!) to achieve agile data management. And we will present our approach for using graphs to address these immediate problems, and then iteratively connect and curate those graphs into a cohesive knowledge graph over time.