Britt Ellmer


Director of the Content Strategy Program


Britt Ellmer is the Director of the Content Strategy Program at TSYS, a Global Payments Company, where she is focusing on content modernization and implementing a strategic approach to content to improve user experiences. Her career began at TSYS as a Technical Communicator and has progressed into various leadership roles overseeing Product Information, Enterprise Documentation, and Instructional Design teams. She has a BS in Technical Communication and a MS in Technical Communication Management from Mercer University.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Making The Case For Connected Personalized Content

As a payment solutions provider, TSYS is in the process of implementing a new solution to produce and deliver connected, discoverable, and personalized content to its internal and external users. The advanced content authoring and delivery framework leverages the proven power or knowledge graph connections integrated with the granular content authoring principles of componentized content management to deliver an advanced, efficient, personalized, and richer experience to its authors, internal and external users. In this session, we discuss the business case and drivers for the new solution as well as the techniques we leverage like a unified taxonomy and auto-tagging, componentized content modeling and reuse, knowledge graph, and dynamic content delivery framework.