Brian Donohue

As an Ontologist in Enterprise Data Management, Brian is responsible for leveraging semantic technology to mitigate data risk and promote a shared understanding of data across Capital One. Prior to joining Capital One, Brian spent 3 years at a Research and Defense company as a developer and curator of the Common Core Ontologies: a suite of open source, mid-level ontologies currently under consideration as a NIST Standard in Artificial Intelligence. Brian holds a Ph.D. from the University at Buffalo (SUNY), and is also an affiliate member of the National Center for Ontological Research. His research has focused on applications of formal ontology to cybersecurity, situational awareness, aircraft maintenance, geopolitics, natural language user interfaces, and legal and regulatory compliance.


2020 Talk | Validating Data Categories using Knowledge Graphs

One of the challenges in managing data risk is the ability to validate that data from across our data ecosystem has been identified and categorized accurately and consistently. This challenge has become especially salient in light of recent legislation. At Capital One, the Enterprise Data Management team recently implemented a process using standardized semantic models (ontologies) and technology to validate the accuracy of data categories and other types of metadata registered by the business teams.

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