Borislav Iordanov

Semantic Arts



Borislav developed one of the first open-source graph databases in the early NoSQL days, HyperGraphDB, but really his main focus and interests have always been around knowledge representation and software development. He built an OWL based, model-driven, low code enterprise application in the late 00s which earned some awards and accolades for innovation in government. Then after several graph related startups or consulting gigs, he has recently jointly Semantic Arts, a wonderful group of people with whom he shares the conviction that a data centric architecture will solve a lot of your problems.

Talks and Events

2022 Workshop: Knowledge Graph Engineering Vs. Software Engineering

The goal of this workshop is to gather ontology engineering and knowledge graph practitioners for an in depth discussion on the topic of agility in building EKGs (Enterprise Knowledge Graphs). The agile movement transformed the software development process from a linear, waterfall model to an efficient feedback loop by taking existing coarse grained practices and artifacts, turning them into smaller scale versions of themselves and defining organizational patterns that can execute short delivery cycles. By sharing lesson learned, success stories and general accumulated wisdom, we aim to answer to the question: how can we do the same for knowledge graph development?

2022 Talk: Agile Principles In Knowledge Graph Development

How do we apply agile principles in knowledge graph development? What are key differences and similarities between the familiar software development lifecycle and building an enterprise knowledge graph and how do they translate to concrete agile practices?

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