Benjamin M. Gyori

Harvard Medical School

Research fellow, Platform Director


Benjamin M. Gyori, PhD is a Research fellow and Director of the Machine-assisted Modeling & Analysis Platform at the Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School. His research combines text mining, knowledge assembly and mathematical modeling to accelerate scientific discovery in biomedicine. Website:

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: An automatically assembled knowledge graph from literature-extracted molecular biology knowledge with human-machine dialogue to support biomedical discovery

We present the INDRA CoGEx molecular biology knowledge graph which combines automatically assembled mechanisms extracted from all publicly available biomedical literature using multiple text mining systems with relations from structured databases. The graph can be used for systematic data analysis (for instance by deriving cancer type-specific causal networks) and for interactive exploration through human-machine dialogue. We developed the CLARE dialogue system that answers natural language questions from the knowledge graph and supports referring to prior results to support sequential exploration of knowledge.

Benjamin M. Gyori headshot