Ben Szekely

Ben Szekely is co-founder and Senior Vice President of Field Operations of Cambridge Semantics, creator of the industry-leading Anzo data discovery and integration platform. He has spent more than a decade working with life science organizations to implement transformational data and analytic platforms based on semantic and graph data model technologies. Prior to founding Cambridge Semantics, Ben was a development and technology leader in IBM’s Advanced Technology Office, focusing on next generation data modeling technologies for analytic, big data, and digital transformation initiatives. Ben holds an MS in Computational Science and Engineering from Harvard University, and a BA from Cornell University.

2021 Talk: Think Big: How To Build Enterprise Scalability into a Knowledge Graph Platform

In recently naming graph technology one of their top 10 trends data and analytic trends for 2021, the Gartner Group highlighted an emerging pattern: today an ever-increasing number of F1000 organizations are implementing graph technology not to address point graph use cases, but rather data integration and analytics use cases through enterprise-scale knowledge graph platforms. The data diversity, complexity and volume inherent within these initiatives places scalability and functional demands on the underlying knowledge graph technology- far beyond what has typically been required in the past. In this session, we will explore the specific challenges associated with deploying a knowledge graph at enterprise space with a special focus in six key areas:

  1. Data Source Diversity
  2. Performance and Efficiency
  3. Deployment Flexibility
  4. Interactive Querying
  5. Ease of Use
  6. Security
Ben Szekely