Ben Steer


Founder and CTO


Honorary Researcher in Queen Mary Networking Group. Working on next gen Temporal Graph Analytics and Streaming services. Find my code at and papers at

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: An Introduction to Temporal Graph Analytics with Pometry

Data is at the heart of decision making today, and graphs are firmly embedded in the modern data stack. From fraud detection and drug discovery to market and supply modelling, graphs enable previously unachievable insights. However, while graph analytics platforms are increasingly used across the industry, most applications and solutions overlook a crucial element. Time.

Current solutions focus solely on the latest version of the data – missing out on how it has arrived at the state it is today.

Temporal graphs embed the full history of data, keeping track of every change that has ever occurred. This enables organisations to understand the order of interactions, compare the evolution of the network over time, and control for risk or prepare for future trends.

In social networks, this can help us understand the outreach of marketing campaigns or, contrarily, control the spread of fake news. In finance, it helps identify emerging markets and combat financial crime timelier. In supply chains, it brings to light highly coupled dependencies and how service outages may impact delivery.

In this talk, we introduce the temporal graph model through Raphtory (our open-source tool). How users can leverage time to produce previously untapped, actionable insights. How to scale to billions of records in minutes while seemingly shrinking the search space with time-respecting queries. And how we are taking on the challenge of bridging the gap between knowledge graphs and other data science tooling.