Beatrice Gamba

WordLift S.r.l.

Head of Agency


Beatrice Gamba serves as Head of Agency at WordLift. She joined the WordLift team in 2016 following a three-year tenure in Berlin, where she worked for a prominent European e-commerce company. Her extensive experience in digital marketing and semantic SEO has equipped her with the expertise necessary to lead projects and provide strategic advice to clients worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies. Beatrice ensures the highest quality standards in the development and implementation of AI-driven marketing strategies with the use of state-of-the-art semantic technologies.

Talks and Events

The Power of Knowledge Graphs in Modern SEO

This presentation deals with the creation of a Knowledge Graph for an online leading news publisher in Germany. We used the technology behind Knowledge Graphs to semantically link tags and entities to articles, injecting content all over the website with context-rich information that could talk to search engines and appeal to users. In our analysis we will present results from Organic Search and showcase the validation process we used to ensure the correctness of the information provided at all stages to constantly improve the knowledge base. The aim of this presentation is to showcase the power of Knowledge Graphs in the field of modern SEO.

Track: Metadata

Session Topics:

  • Knowledge Graph SEO
  • Business Use Cases
  • SEO
  • Metadata