Andy Fitzgerald

Information Architecture & Content Strategy Consultant


Andy Fitzgerald is an independent digital experience designer with applied expertise in information architecture, content strategy, structured content design, and knowledge graph engineering. He works with organizations of all sizes to create elegant solutions to complex information problems.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Boutique Knowledge Graphs: Building Smart Content At Any Scale

The “Boutique Knowledge Graph” approach to information design offers practitioners a strategy for bringing the value of graph and semantic web technologies to smaller scale, content-focused projects. Boutique knowledge graphs can improve and extend the value of content by solving well-defined discovery, recommendation, and reuse problems, and offer smaller scale (and/or change-resistant) projects and organizations a scalable, approachable entry point to semantic web applications. In this session, you’ll get an introduction to boutique knowledge graph and learn when and why to apply it; learn a set of principles for using the approach that can help you avoid common pitfalls; and explore a practical example with an open source boutique knowledge graph application in the wild. Examples throughout this session will be accompanied with links to public repositories you can mine for inspiration, and use to kick-start your own boutique KG projects.

Andy Fitzgerald