Amir Yazdavar


Lead Research Engineer


Amir is a PhD in Computer Science. Lead research engineer and Data science enthusiast, interested in knowledge graph, Graph ML, Personalization, recommendation systems. Prior to Optum, he works for Change Healthcare, Bosch Research, Weill Cornell Medicine, National Institute of Health-NIH and Information Science Institute-USC. His research effort published at top-tier AI conferences, ASONAM, IJCAI and Journals: PLOS. His research effort recognized by the community and so far cited around 800 times. He has successfully patented his effort at Optum and Bosch– 3 times.

Talks and Events

Towards Employing Knowledge Graph and Graph Geural Networks for Processing Healthcare Data

Graphs are ubiquitous, they form a language for describing entities and their interactions. They are emerging as a powerful data analytic tool for addressing difficult real-world problems and more recently graph representation learning has revolutionized AI and modern data science tasks. In Optum, we were aiming to investigate the marriage of graph DBs (Knowledge graphs) along with the state-of-the-art Graph ML(e.g. GNN) models for addressing challenging healthcare related problems such as fraud detection.

Track: Deep Learning for and with Knowledge Graphs

Session Topics:

  • Business Use Cases
  • Deep Learning for and with Knowledge Graphs
  • Graph Machine Learning