Adam Keresztes

Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

Business Owner


Adam is one of the founders of the IKEA Knowledge Graph. You might think he has a long career within the area of data or semantics, but this is far from the truth. He started as an Interior designer one of the IKEA stores in Japan before turning his attention to the user experience design field, spending close to 8 years in designing products and leading UX teams at, Rakuten and Virtusize in Sweden, Netherlands, and Japan. During Adam’s work on various aspects of the user experience such as search, recommendation, and personalisation, the lack of data was a recurring problem he ran into and ended up being a showstopper for many creative ideas that would have delighted the users. The lack of humanistic and intuitive access to the data needed to build these future experiences prompted him to try to solve the problem by proposing the IKEA Knowledge Graph. His multi-talented team – spearheaded by Katariina Kari – has the task of translating the unique IKEA knowledge around interior design, customer needs and IKEA products, into a knowledge service to empower internal product teams and its designers to create even better experiences for the IKEA customer.

Talks and Events

Knowledge-Graph-enhanced Product Catalogue

In this presentation we will show how we are using curated information stored in the IKEA Knowledge Graph to generate valuable product data. The manual effort is done on a general level and is small in size compared to the generated product data. This approach proves that “a little semantics goes a long way” and helps IKEA to serve its customers better information on its various products.

Track: Metadata

Session Topics:

  • Business Use Cases
  • Data Management
  • Semantic Layer
  • SEO, Metadata
  • Information Architecture