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Climate change poses an existential threat to life. The decade unfolding now is a critical period for transforming our “business as usual” routines into new practices that reduce global carbon emissions below thresholds sufficient to avert irreversible planetary damage. This workshop, hosted by Common Action – a community collaboration platform for climate action – focuses on how to model pathways for action. In other words, let’s demonstrate how knowledge graphs are being used to spotlight where individuals and groups can contribute directly.

For this initial workshop we will prioritize modeling a “backbone” of the knowledge graph for Common Action. This component is intended to track key people and their projects, and also link to related KG projects which provide complementary graph data.


The agenda for this workshop is organized in three parts:

  1. Lightning Talks – a selection of brief talks by experts in related areas, to share insights and skills that will be useful later, in the workshop, and to help promote discussion.
  2. Roundtable Discussion – developing themes and priorities for what needs to be modeled, plus general Q&A about the talks.
  3. Semantic Modeling – a working session focused on KG representation of key people, and where and how their respective projects intersect.


We will have “live coding” during the latter two portions of the workshop, taking notes from the roundtable discussion and semantic modeling which then get transcribed as:

  • A semantic graph
  • Python source code for using this graph
  • Application notes in Markdown

These assets will be committed into a public repository on GitHub, to share the outcomes from the workshop.




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