Building Ontologies and Knowledge Graphs

Event Details

LocationRoom 3 (Classroom B)
DateMay 3, 2022
Time1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Calling for all ontologists working in the industries and applied fields to come together and form a working group for publicly sharing best practices, stories, and the particularities of our craft of building ontologies and knowledge graphs. 

Sometimes how to model classes and name properties is not a straightforward manner. As a lead ontologist at Inter IKEA Systems I usually find myself in situations where I need to make a choice on modeling. It always helps to have a fellow ontologist to talk to about my modeling decision. Also connecting to my international network colleagues outside of IKEA helps me to shape my thinking and soundboard my ideas. These conversations are valuable for me improving my craft as an ontologist. I would like to extend this personal convenience I am enjoying and find a way in which we could all benefit from these conversations. Should we have an ontologists podcast, a blog with rotating authors, or a monthly ontologist virtual hang? Join this working group to discuss the peer support you need for your work and let us come up with a forum to support each other in our work!

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