Tutorial in Reasonable Ontology Templates (OTTR)

Event Details

LocationRoom 6 (Virtual)
DateMay 2, 2022
Time3:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Reasonable Ontology Templates (OTTR) is a language with supporting tools for representing and instantiating RDF graph and OWL ontology modelling patterns. It is designed to improve the efficiency and quality of building, using, and maintaining knowledge bases.

  • Getting to know the different syntaxes (stOTTR, tabOTTR in particular).
  • Setting up templates.
  • Running Lutra through CLI and API.

Experience in RDF is needed. Some knowledge of Java programming is beneficial, but not necessary.

After this tutorial you will be able to create your own OTTR templates and using OTTR libraries to serialize larger chunks of data into RDF.

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