Hands-On Experience Defining And Cataloging Data

Event Details

LocationRoom 2 (Classroom A)
Date May 2, 2022
Time1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

This tutorial focuses on the central role data cataloging plays in a comprehensive agile data governance strategy in the context of an enterprise knowledge graph. This 90-minute program will combine informative discussion and interactive activity to give participants hands-on experience defining and cataloging data, and also learning how to leverage it using a knowledge graph.

Participants will first gain important background knowledge about the building blocks of a data catalog and how to define a use case for it. This portion of the tutorial will discuss types of data suited for cataloging, as well as how to define and utilize taxonomies and ontologies as they pertain to their organization’s information. Data governance will be introduced both in general terms and best practices, and also as it applies to constructing a more targeted enterprise knowledge graph. The data catalog vendor landscape will be discussed to give participants insight into what types of tools exist and how to align their organization’s goals with these products during the selection process.

Sample data will then be provided and participants will put what they have learned to action. This will involve setting up and completing a data inventory process, which will lead directly into the discussion of data catalogs. Combining discussion and activity, participants will learn about data properties and relationships and directly apply it to the given sample data. This portion of the tutorial will focus on the concept of a dynamic data catalog and agile data governance, including the data life cycle and the way data can be used over time. Participants will be encouraged to find parallels to their own organizations’ data landscape and bring these topics up during discussion.

After the activity during which participants will have constructed their own data catalog using the given sample data, the last section of the tutorial will discuss how to leverage it. Discussion will start with how a knowledge graph can be created from the cataloged source data and the advanced use cases it can be used to address. Topics will include but are not limited to RDF, SPARQL, other information modeling tools, and types of technical solutions that can be built with a knowledge graph foundation. This comprehensive session will also address the addition and deletion of data sources and fields over time.

While not required, for participants who want to duplicate the demonstrations, having the following is recommended:

  • Free tier data.world account
  • Free tier AWS account

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