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Welcome to the KGC Community! We are glad to have you join us and our Slack. To make sure that everyone engages constructively, we have a few simple rules to follow:

  1. Try to help others–don’t be shy about sharing your questions, expertise, and resources.
  2. Avoid spamming! Don’t post the same content more than once, or on lots of channels at once, or very frequently. Make sure to reply to others’ comments as a thread.
  3. If you’d like to promote an event, feel free to use the #events channel. If you represent a company, you can post one event per week there, and the #promotions channel for any posts beyond that.

What is each channel for?

When you first join, please do introduce yourself on the #introduce-networking channel! Tell us your name, and a little bit about your interest and background in knowledge graphs or related fields.

#Share and #ask are the main channels for general conversation. #Ask is great for any type of question, while #share is great for anything of interest you come across — articles, good news, research, etc.

#Weeklywins is also a great place to share things that go well for you, or news about your projects, so the Community can cheer you on!

If you’re a #beginner, this is a great channel to speak with others, ask questions (that you are too shy to ask on the main #ask channel), and share resources.

Check out #events for a Community board of kg-related events. If you represent a business or a product, feel free to share one event per week on the #events board (any more than that can go in the #promotions channel). You can also keep up with the KGC Events Calendar here (which also features recordings of past events and copies of newsletters).

#Jobs is also an open-post Community jobs board — if you are hiring, looking, or happen to see a relevant opportunity advertised, please share!

#Bookclub and #knowledgeespresso are channels for those two events, for anyone who would like to carry on the conversation through the week. (Book club runs once a season and covers a particular book, read week-by-week. Knowledge Espresso is a virtual coffee chat once a week with a Community member, on a topic of their choice, which is open to questions and conversation from others on the call).

You can follow our posts and shoutouts on Twitter at the #KGCTwitter channel, and check out offers and news from companies in the #promotions channel.

And, if you are female, DM Ellie @ KGC to join the #womeninkg channel!

Posting Etiquette

When posting, try to give a brief description of the item you’re sharing.
Because the Slack window is small (especially on mobile), for longer posts (like events posts), it’s best to post 1-2 sentences detailing the topic, a link of there is one. If there’s more info you’d like to share, place that into a thread.

If you are sharing events from a company you work at, feel free to post one per week in the #events channel, and all other company posts in the #promotions channel. Only one post per event or topic is allowed.

On the rare occasion that you have big news from your company that isn’t “salesy,” you can post this in the #share channel.

When responding to others’ posts, start a new thread on the comment (rather than posting a new comment below).

Questions or feedback for KGC, or want to get involved with the Community?

Feel free to send a message to Ellie @ KGC. Want to invite others to join the Slack? Go ahead and share the sign-up link: https://tinyurl.com/y4tzm6px.