Vaishali Raghvani


Associate Knowledge Engineer


I am a Knowledge Engineer, working primarily with Knowledge Graphs and data modelling. I have proficiency in SPARQL and rule-based reasoning, and skills in SQL and Java. I work excellently in a team, thrive under pressure and take pride in meeting deadlines. I am a confident individual, who is not afraid to take on leadership roles; as well as being a positive, initiative and enthusiastic problem-solver.

Talks and Events

A Global Knowledge Graph of People, Skills and Companies: How a Single Source of Truth is Key to Enabling AI Solutions

Beamery is a funded startup based in London and the US, selling talent management software to enterprises, and is industry leading in the talent management sector. As a company, we have invested heavily in practical AI solutions underpinned by knowledge graph technology. By far the largest knowledge base is the Beamery Talent Graph – a 20 billion fact graph of artifacts from the HR domain. All AI solutions are built on top of the knowledge graph, which is a global representation of skills, people and companies.

Track: Business Use-Cases

Session Topics:

  • Business Use Cases
  • Data Quality
  • Entity Resolution
  • Content Knowledge Graphs
  • Ontologies