Patricia Branum

As Senior Director of Enterprise Data Management, Pat has responsibility for data management processes, best practices , establishing the ontology practice and working with the lines of business to educate and validate their data management practices.


Prior to joining Capital One, Pat spent 20 years in a Health Care company where she created and built comprehensive data quality program and served as Chief Data Steward. in this role she was responsible for data management strategies, policy, enterprise data stewards and establishing and maintaining data quality program to ensure the accuracy of health care records.


Knowledge Graph Pilot Provides Value

At Capital One, we’re defining and creating data relationships across divisions and systems, helping the enterprise to better understand data while enhancing analytical capabilities through standardization, improved context, and increased efficiency.


The Enterprise Data Management team recently executed a Customer 360 Knowledge Graph Pilot, enabling a unified view of customers by connecting data through standardized concepts and their logical relationships. In addition to meeting our Pilot objectives, we were able to gain immediate Data Management value in the form of improved data quality and discoverability, and we are moving forward with work to leverage the knowledge graph to monitor and enhance data quality.