Douglas Moore


Senior Specialist Solutions Architect


I’m passionate about helping customers find value in data and helping the people I work better succeed. 20+ year data veteran, ranging from embedded systems to massive cloud based data lakes.

Past roles have included: Solutions Architect, Data Architect, CTO, Engineer.
Current Specialties: Big Data Strategy & Architecture, Data Lakes, Streaming, Delta Lake, Spark, Databricks.

Talks and Events

When Not to Use a Graph db for Your Knowledge Graph

When people think of knowledge graphs and graph analytics they reflexively think they need a specialized database. That answer is often incomplete or just wrong for their workload. We’ll analyze the 11 access patterns involved in graph analytics and build a logical and physical reference architecture referencing market leaders found in 2023. If we have time, we’ll have a quick demo of a Databricks Lakehouse doing valuable graphy stuff from a recent customer related engagement.

Track: Data Architecture

Session Topics:

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Management