Anna Filippova

dbt Labs

Director of Community & Data


Anna Filippova tends to the dbt Community garden of over 50,000 at dbt Labs as well as leading the company’s internal data team. Prior to dbt Labs, Anna built the first Analytics Engineering team at GitHub and published research on how to build effective teams and organizations. Today, she writes about the intersection of modern data tools and open source in the Analytics Engineering Roundup.

Talks and Events

Knowledge Graphs: The Key to Solving Broken Data Analysis Telephone Across your Organization

Tired of wondering why your critical business numbers don’t match? Overhead of propagating data knowledge in your organization getting you down? Hear from dbt Labs Director (Data & Community) Anna Filippova on how to apply a knowledge graph approach to managing data in an organization to help you 1) reduce decision making complexity, 2) minimize organizational inefficiencies and 3) empower more people in an organization to access and use data effectively. Using the example of the dbt Semantic Layer, the session will cover how to think about data like a structured graph (rather than a data swamp), why this will help you break down information silos in your organization, and practical advice for how your organization should evolve to embrace this transformation.

Track: Semantic Layer

Session Topics:

  • Data Architecture
  • Business Use Cases
  • Data Management
  • Data Governance
  • Data Quality
  • Data Modeling
  • Semantic Layer
  • Data Discoverability