Knowledge Graphs for Interoperability in the Transportation Domain

Event Details

LocationRoom 6 (Virtual)
DateMay 3, 2022
Time10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Interoperability is one of the main challenges to enable collaboration between travel and transport industry players. The interoperability of data and services supports the creation of an ecosystem of transport stakeholders enabling the definition of new data-driven solutions. The benefits range from enhancing operations of transport companies to the provision of integrated and seamless mobility services to users.

Starting from an outline of the ongoing efforts made by the European Commission to address this challenge among the Member States, the workshop invites selected domain experts to discuss how graphs and semantic technologies can help in tackling interoperability in the transportation domain.

The objectives of the workshop is to organise a roundtable inviting selected domain experts to: (i) acquire knowledge on ongoing European initiatives to enhance the transport domain through the sharing of interoperable data and services by transport stakeholders; (ii) discuss interoperability issues in the transportation domain and how knowledge graph technologies can help in tackling them; (iii) invite participants to share their experience with already implemented use cases exploiting graphs and semantic technologies.

In the following, we list target topics that will guide the selection of the invited domain experts and that will be discussed during the workshop:

Harmonisation of Mobility Data and Metadata

Mobility Data Integration and Fusion

  • (Automated) solution for the harvesting and integration of metadata sources from different catalogue
  • Challenges and opportunities of interoperable transport data modelled as graphs (e.g., route planning and ticketing)
    • Specialised technological infrastructure and/or framework to deal with multisource and heterogeneous transport-related information
    • Conversion solutions based on (any-to-one) mappings for the (on-demand) consumption of data adopting different specifications/models

Governance for a Transportation Knowledge Graph

  • Definition of processes and strategies to regulate a wide ecosystem of transport stakeholders contributing to a transportation knowledge graph (e.g. transport service operators/providers, transport authorities, etc.)
  • Management of private (enterprise) and open (linked) data 

The organisers of this workshop were in the program committee of the past editions of the International Workshop On Semantics And The Web For Transport (Sem4Tra). Marco Comerio has been guest editor of the special issue of the Semantic Web Journal on Transport Data on the Web.

Recent and ongoing research projects, related to interoperability in the transportation domain, in which the organisers were/are involved: NAPCORE – National Access Point Coordination Organisation for Europe (CEF MOVE/B4-2020-123,, TANGENT – Enhanced Processing Techniques for Dynamic Management of Multimodal Traffic (H2020-EU3.4 955273), Urban Iot Ontologies for Sharing and Electric Mobility,, Shift2Rail H2020 projects for Innovation Programme 3 (DAYDREAMS) and 4 (IP4MaaS, Ride2Rail, SPRINT, Shift2MaaS, GoF4R, ST4RT, IT2Rail).

The active involvement in the mentioned research projects allows the organisers to be updated on the current interoperability issues in the transportation domain and to be in direct contact with domain experts to be potentially involved in the workshop. Riccardo Santoro (Manager of the Innovation Programs Unit at Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, manager of the Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking), Kasia Bourée (expert involved in several European projects and standardisation initiatives for the transportation domain) and Henk Mulder (Head of Digital Cargo at IATA) have already expressed their interest in attending the workshop as domain experts.

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