KGC 2022: Call for Tools and Demonstrations is now open!

We’re looking for inspiring voices, ideas, and expertise from industry leaders and storytellers like yourself.

At this moment we are requesting anyone who has an operating tool or code (sorry, you need working code to participate) that can be used in the knowledge graph space. Open source or for commercial use, please submit an application.

Think of this like a TikTok pitch for using your tool and getting exposure for adoption and collaboration.

If this appeals to you, submit a 3 minute mp4 video file presenting your tool. Tools that help with the creation of, maintenance of, support for teams using KG, mining for KG data, analytics or machine learning using KG, or for KG analytics, and implementation of KG in systems and products are welcome.


The Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC 2022) Tools and Demonstrations Track offers opportunities for both practitioners and researchers to present and discuss the most recent advances, ideas, experiences, and challenges in the field of Knowledge Technologies by means of live demonstration. Demonstrations are intended to address any aspect of tools or application that support development of knowledge graphs and can belong to three distinct categories:

  1. Tools used in practice, either from commercial vendors, industry, or open source projects. Tool demonstrations should focus on practical applications within the different activities of knowledge graph development and should particularly show how they fit in the state of the art and advance the current state of the practice.
  2. Research tools from academic or industrial research environments. These demonstrations should underlie scientific contributions and show how scientific approaches have been transferred into a working tool.
  3. Demonstrations of consolidated applications leveraging knowledge technologies. These demonstrations can rely on earlier scientific publications, but should present novel unpublished results that demonstrate the consolidated work. Fitting these results in the current state of the art and practice is essential.

During the conference, we will organize an exciting Tools and Demonstrations program at KGC 2022 this year. Authors and practitioners of tools will have the opportunity to present short teasers of their work before engaging in an open Q/A discussion.

Please note that we do not offer any paid opportunities to speakers, and these demos are not for service and product pitches. If you’re interested in marketing your solutions, email

Important Dates

  • April 4, 2022 — Video demonstration submission deadline
  • April 12, 2022 — Formal notification of acceptance sent
  • April 20, 2022 — Next steps outlined for conference participation

We are particularly interested in open source. And we would also like to see what commercial tools are also available.