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03-06 MAY 2021

The Knowledge Graph Conference

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The Case for KGs: Private vs. Public Graphs

By Paco Nathan It’s an interesting time to be working with knowledge graphs. A time of stark contrasts in realizations. On the one hand, I…

5 Questions with Michael Atkin

Image of Michael Atkin
Oct 2020
1. Tell us about yourself. I have a strange and sordid history. I’ve been an analyst and advocate for data management since 1985. I started…

Geo Graphs in Gov

When it comes to early-adopters for AI technology, US federal government agencies may not be the first examples that come to mind. My perspective is…

5 Questions with Matthias Sesboüé

Sep 2020
Tell us about yourself. I'm French, and I've just finished a Master's degree in computer engineering studies with a major in machine learning.  What are…

Focus: KGs for Food

Dan Barber, the James Beard award-winning chef who pioneered the farm-to-table movement, has a single, elegant term for the complexity of molecules, processes, and sequences…

5 Questions with Oshani Seneviratne

Healthier eating for diabetics with the RPI + IBM Food KG Tell us about your project. The food knowledge graph (or foodkg) is a joint…

5 Questions with Paco Nathan

Tell us about yourself! I'm Paco from Derwen. Links to relevant projects, books, videos, articles, etc. can be found here. During the early 1980s, I…

Special Events at KGC 2020 – Newsletter Issue 09

Apr 2020
Hi there,    The Knowledge Graph Conference 2020 is coming in less than a week!    Are you ready to be dazzled by the stardom…

KGC 2020 Agenda is now live – KGC Newsletter Issue 08

Apr 2020
Hi everyone,The Knowledge Graph Conference 2020 agenda is now live!Check it out.   May 4-5  Workshops & Tutorials2 workshops and 7 tutorials on building the…